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Online Gaming Buy Out Could Create Largest Online Gambling Business In World


Online gambling is an activity that generates a lot of discussion, particularly in the business and legislation worlds. While the spreading panic over gambling addiction has become more featured by media moguls, it’s also something that many realize is a personal responsibility. Because of logic such as this, it’s become a rather large business market in the world. As with any other market, a large buy-out or merge could drastically change the way the market operates, and it looks like that might just happen.

Recently it was announced that the Canadian organization, the Amaya Gaming Group, has agreed to take part in a buy-out that will create the largest online gambling company that has ever existed. The buy-out would cost Amaya roughly $5 million, and in exchange they’ll acquire the entirety of a currently privately owned company called the Oldford Group. The Amaya Gaming Group is already one of the largest organized online gaming equipment and service groups running, and this business transaction will put them leaps and bounds ahead of their competition in regards to size and resources.

When this deal is all said and done, there will be a few changes that online gamblers will probably notice – particularly those that use any branch of the Amaya Group’s technology, servers, or sites. One more clear or obvious change is the newfound availability and accessibility to new games within regulated markets (those in which Amaya operates). In particularly, Oldford’s buy-out will give Amaya the means to bring back a couple old favorites amongst online gamblers, including PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. These games will re-emerge as potential powerhouses, and spokespersons for the Amaya Gaming Group have been very optimistic with their expectations for success. These two games originally disbanded when they were involved with a huge lawsuit in the United States, but with their new Canadian Operation and Ownership, they might have the chance to start anew.

There are those who have their reservations about whether or not creating a mega-company for online gambling is a good idea. The increased risk for cheating, hacking, and corruption are all on naysayer’s minds, but it seems like the Amaya execs will have their chance to prove themselves once and for all when the deal is finished.