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Online Gambling in Canada Poised for Major Growth in 2014


The most important gambling news reports coming out of Canada these days show that Internet wagering and online casino gaming are becoming part of a solid industry in the North American nation. Even Canadian lottery systems are paying attention and shifting their focus to online gambling while their neighbors to the south are still at odds with gambling in general.

Canada has been much more liberal that the United States with regard to accepting the role of gambling in society. Whereas private gambling parties are routinely busted by law enforcement in the United States, Canada is becoming more lenient with in allowing casino events behind doors.

British Columbia Considers Mobile Casinos

In western Canada, the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) recently announced a new round of layoffs in light of the ongoing shift to online casino gaming. In announcing the layoffs, the BCLC placed emphasis on its efforts to restructure its operations under the online casino software launched in 2004. Canadians have shown a preference for gambling at home and gambling on the street by using their smartphones, and the BCLC has responded adequately by strengthening its online casino security and offering more games.

NHL Playoffs a Major Wagering Event for Canadians

Internet gambling action in Canada is hardly limited to baccarat, poker, craps, bingo, lottery, blackjack, online slot games, or land-based casinos on indigenous territories. Betting on hockey, the absolute national pastime, is something that 18 percent of Canadians will be getting into as the NHL playoffs get started.

Even though only one Canadian team made the NHL playoffs this year, hockey fans are likely to wager on brackets, pools and through online sportsbooks. More than $200 million are expected to be placed on NHL bets, and the Montreal Canadiens are already favorites.

Although betting on professional hockey games is the most popular form of wagering in Canada, other sports are beginning to tempt Canadian online bettors. According to recent report published by the Toronto Star, nine percent of Canadians will engage in NFL betting once the season starts in the U.S. later this year.