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The Biggest Gambling News in 2014

For gamblers in Germany, Britain, Australia, and Canada, 2014 brought about exciting changes in the online gambling industry. In fact, experts from a wide range of publications have examined how online casinos are becoming a more popular option for gamblers who live in Canada.

One journalist writes that Canada’s online gambling industry pulled in more than $21 billion dollars in revenue in 2014. This journalist also reports that casinos earned more than 7% more than gaming websites did in 2013.

Canadian gambling firms like Amaya Gaming Group have been continuously updating their suite of online gaming websites to appeal to a worldwide audience. This commitment to providing an amazing gaming experience explains why online gambling is now so popular in Canada.

China Monitors Macau’s Casinos

Macau is one of the most popular destinations for Australian gamblers who are seeking a quick, luxurious vacation. Unfortunately, though, recent reports suggest that China’s government will begin keeping a closer eye on how Macau-based casinos are transferring money.

Representatives from China’s Ministry of Public Security have placed a number of restrictions on Macau’s most popular casinos this past year. One such restriction was the elimination of Union Pay credit card machines. Union Pay enabled gamblers to transfer money in a portable manner. The Ministry of Public Security argued that some of the casinos in Macau were illegally transferring winnings to gamblers who were using these Union Pay credit card machines.

Australia’s Ambitious Hotel Project

In November, news stories emerged out of Australia that a hotel developer had plans to build the world’s largest casino in Cairns, Australia. The developer behind this ambitious project is Tony Fung, who is based in Hong Kong.

Aquis, the name of this proposed casino, will cost around $8.5 billion to complete.