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Craps Isn’t Always Called Craps

Craps is the game where dice are thrown down the board in order to roll a seven. The goal is to continue rolling at seven so that everyone who has money on the pay line can be paid. As soon as a number other than a seven is rolled, the numbers set and the game continues – this time at a higher level. Throughout the world of gambling, this game has been known as craps – though it is changing in London and in several other places around the world.

A West End casino was forced to change its craps game after gamblers admitted to being embarrassed by playing it. The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square went as far as taking the “craps” sign off the building and replace it with a new one that read “dice”.

The owner of the casino decided to switch the signs simply because it was raising too many eyebrows. Although the game has been known in Hollywood and throughout the world of gambling as craps for years, some people are simply too uncomfortable with the name of it. It is not a pretty word and for many, it sounds odd when used as a gambling term. As a result, casinos in London are going with dice.

The dice game has allowed more people to play the game because they are no longer uncomfortable with the name of the game. Casinos around the area are switching their signage in the hopes of bringing in new clientele.

It has caused a lot of confusion within the casinos. An American recently visited the casino in London and asked to be pointed to craps. An Eastern European waitress pointed him to the men’s room. This is why casinos have decided to go British and go politically correct and start calling it dice.

Considering the game has dropped off in popularity considerably over the past few decades, the casinos figure that it will not hurt to change the name of the game. Instead of going into a casino and asking for the craps tables, they need to ask for the dice tables and they will find the game that they’ve traditionally known and loved.

The game is still played on a table with two rolling dice and a shooter. Gamblers bet on all the combinations that they are familiar with – only it is in a craps table now. It is the dice table if you are playing in London.