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Calvin Ayre Wanted in the United States

News has broken in recent weeks that the United States is seeking custody of a citizen who fled the country a few years ago. The man in question, a Mr. Calvin Ayre, is wanted on charges related to his time as an online gambler. He is best known for his work that helped found the website over 14 years ago.

Mr. Ayre was as close to a role model for enthusiastic online gamblers as possible, but more sordid details about his businesses soon emerged. There was a Federal filing of charges in Maryland against Ayre. It was said that he was conducting illegal work with his online gambling site, along with issues related to money laundering. Federal prosecutors believe that Calvin Ayre was part of a sophisticated money laundering operation that involved many criminal organizations. Close to $150 million passed through his site into offshore bank accounts.

Mr. Ayre has been hiding in other countries ever since he was indicted. Despite the pending Federal charges, he is not shy of voicing his opinion on the internet. His website is still up, along with a personal blog that talks about issues related to his being charged. He believes that he is being set up, but the evidence does not support those claims.

There is a strong feeling in the United States government that Mr. Ayre will eventually be brought to justice. There are many efforts being made to secure his extradition, but the process could take a few years. They believe that he is hiding in either Canada or Antigua, two countries that will not extradite in normal circumstances.

The money laundering charges against Mr. Ayre are very serious. The government also believes that capturing him will give them a better chance of widening the net in relation to that money laundering scheme. He was not the only one behind the operation. While the evidence against him is solid, there is little to link the other masterminds to the laundered money.